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Patent Agent Training Series: Handling Patent Infringement and Invalidity

Patent Agent training pic

“Handling Patent Infringement and Invalidity” is one of the modules under the Patent Agent Training Series, a training suite launched by IP Academy to train professionals in patent agent work, as well as help aspiring agents achieve the necessary skills to qualify as Singapore Registered Patent Agents.

Spread over five interactive lectures with hands-on class exercises from July 2015 to September 2015, participants learnt how to:

  • assess if a patent is flawed, and if so, whether that flaw is fatal;
  • present the assessment in a manner appropriate for the court;
  • identify an infringement act.

The course ends with a mock examination, and an individual assessment review.

Reported by:
Tay Soh Hui
Assistant Director (Programmes), IP Academy

A Chinese Seminar on IP Battlefront: IP Deployment Strategies from China’s Leading IP Directors

Battlefront pic

ZTE Corporation and Xiaomi Inc., according to a recent statistical report, have risen to being among the top mobile phone manufacturers worldwide. Qihoo 360 Technology is a prominent leader in the field of anti-viral software. The IP directors of these three successful enterprises assembled in IP Academy on 24 August 2015, sharing their insights with more than 40 participants on the topics of IP management, “Internet Plus” business models on IP strategies, internet enterprises’ overseas IP strategies, patent-centric business models and defensive strategies against patent assertion entities.

Participants also learnt from the views of Professor Liu Kung Chung (SMU) before being treated to a lively panel discussion that was moderated by IPA’s faculty member, Dr Jack Cheng.

Reported by:
The IPA Beacon’s Editorial Team