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IP Considerations When Leveraging on Social Media Platforms
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On 17 September, IP Academy held a seminar on IP considerations when utilising social media platforms for business purposes. The speakers of the session were Marcus Ho of SocialMetric, Associate Professor David Tan of the National University of Singapore, and Dr. Stanley Lai SC of Allen & Gledhill.

Participants learnt how to identify and overcome the key IP challenges in social media, and were given insights into how corporations and businesses can prepare and implement a social media policy. The issues tackled were also addressed with regard to specific social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Blogspot.

IP Management for Public Agencies

On 6 October, civil servants and public officers from the Singapore Government attended an IP management (IPM) course at IP Academy, conducted by Mark Lim of the IP Office of Singapore.

As major procurers and users of IP, the officers are intimately involved in the creation and management of intellectual property. The course helped equip the participants with fundamental knowledge in IP and IP management, including avoiding infringing copyright, and the management of IP in areas such as procurement, funding of R&D and the secondment of officers.

This course stemmed from a 2011 IPM survey across the Public Service, which showed that there was a strong need for a holistic and customised IP/IPM training for Public Agencies. Since the survey, IPA has developed and customised this course specifically for Public Agencies.

Private companies can also benefit from IP management policies and procedures! If you are keen to find out more, contact us!