Top Singapore brands make their mark for historic SG50-TM Awards

Top Singapore brands make their mark for historic SG50-TM Awards

Top Singapore brands make their mark for historic SG50 – IPOS TM Awards. Axe Brand, Brand’s, Crocodile, Knife Brand and New Moon celebrated for their enduring brands as part of SG50 celebrations

SG50 TM Article

Singapore, 5th August 2015 – Five out of 165 local organisations with brands that have more than 50 years of heritage have emerged as the recipients of an inaugural Trade Mark (TM) Awards. Organised by Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) in conjunction with the nation’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, this initiative aims to honour brands that have achieved success and reinvented themselves over time, catapulting the fame of the Little Red Dot in the consumer markets with their enduring repute, quality products and global mindshare.

A panel of judges comprised of two brand experts and a sociologist undertook a rigorous assessment of brands from participating organisations and selected five household brands for the honours. Key considerations of the brands include their “top-of-the-mind” recall in the average consumer and the sense of nostalgia they evoke as part of Singapore’s brand heritage, including their continued business success. The results of the IPOS TM Awards are as follows:

• Axe Brand by Leung Kai Fook Medical (Pte) Ltd;
• Brand’s by Cerebos Pacific Limited;
• Crocodile by Crocodile International Pte Ltd;
• Knife Brand by Lam Soon Singapore Pte Ltd; and
• New Moon by Goh Joo Hin Pte Ltd.

Associate Professor Dr Tan Ern Ser who sat on the judges panel and hails from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Policy at National University of Singapore said, “This initiative is timely as we reflect on Singapore’s progress over the past 50 years and take pride in our local enterprises that have created brands of enduring success and significance. These have been firmly entrenched in our local and global consumer mindscapes.”

Ms Tan Mei Lin, IPOS’ Director of Trade Mark Registry said, “These companies started out with a vision to win hearts through effective brand management and took the necessary steps to protect their intellectual property. With the growing importance of IP as intangible assets in a rapidly evolving knowledge economy, trade marks serve to lend businesses a critical competitive edge in the global consumer markets. Their successes are a great source of inspiration and pride to us all in Singapore.”

Local businesses and entrepreneurs are fast recognising the intrinsic value of IP, as is testified by the rising number of IP registrations over the years. Specific to trade mark applications, filings have increased from 2,071 in 1965 to more than 40,000 across different classes in 2014.

Singapore’s Law and Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr K Shanmugam, will presented these commemorative TM awards to the recipients on the 25th August at an IP Fiesta, organised as part of Singapore’s annual premier global IP event – IP Week @ SG.