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WSQ Monitor and Maintain IP Processes
3-4 November 2015
Funding support of over 90% available for employees of SMEs via the WDA

In today’s highly-dynamic global economy, businesses seeking to make the most of their IP to sustain their competitive edge need to monitor and maintain their IP processes in alignment with changing business objectives. Businesses seeking to improve their current IP processes are encouraged to attend this two-day intensive training course.

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Media Producer’s IP Toolkit
26 November 2015
Up to 90% course fee subsidy available from MDA.

This programme seeks to give participants an understanding of how different IP rights can arise in media content development and production, and how these rights can be protected. Participants will learn about the concepts, processes, and contracts involved in content rights clearance and acquisition, as well as the dynamics of the negotiation and deal-making process between creative professionals and producers.

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3rd Development in IP Law Series
12, 21, 26 January 2016
IP Academy’s Annual Signature Programme

The “Developments in IP Law” series is IP Academy’s annual signature programme for the legal fraternity in Singapore.

It comprises three half-day seminars covering the following main domains of IP: Copyright, Patents, and Trade Marks/Passing Off. The series discusses the IP law developments in the preceding year, and focuses on developments in Singapore and the UK, as well as where relevant, in the EU, US and Australia.

The 3rd edition will again feature a prestigious speaker line-up comprising distinguished academics, experienced practitioners, industry representatives and professionals from the public sector. It is a must-attend programme for anyone with an interest in IP.

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