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Review Risk Management in Intellectual Property
7 to 9 September 2015
Up to $750 funding support upon achieving SBACC’s PMC-IPM certification.

Effective management of IP risk is crucial and important to maintain an organisation’s competitive edge. Join us in this course to learn how to protect IP assets to improve your organisation’s competitive position. You will also learn how to prevent infringement and anticipate IP related risks to avoid financial and reputation damage.

Limited to 12 participants only. Click here for course and registration details.

IPM Course & Toolkit for Procurement Officers
15 September 2015

The Intellectual Property Management (IPM) Course & Toolkit for Procurement officers was developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance (MOF). The objective of this course is to equip procurement officers in the public sector with fundamental knowledge on IPM to help them respond adequately to key IP concerns and issues relating to procurement.

This course is only open to Singapore Civil Servants and Public Officers. Click here for course and registration details.

IP Considerations When Leveraging on Social Media Platforms
17 September 2015 (2pm to 5.30pm)
3 Public SILE CPD Points available.

Featuring a panel of distinguished and knowledgeable speakers, participants can expect to learn how the IP challenges on social media platforms can be identified, avoided, and overcome. In particular, these issues will be contextualised to specific commonly used social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and BlogSpot. In addition, participants will also be given an insight on how corporations and businesses can better anticipate and address challenges in preparing and implementing a social media policy.

Click here for programme and registration details. 

ALAP-IPA IP Knowledge Series: Understanding Rights and Contracts for Writers and Illustrators
21 September 2015 (9am to 12.30pm)
Up to 90% course fee subsidy from MDA.

Interested in finding out how to manage the contractual relationship between you and the publisher? Not sure what the terms in a publishing contract mean? This 3-hour course specially designed for writers and illustrators aims to furnish you with all these know-hows. You will also learn whether your works are copyright protected and how you can obtain the necessary copyright clearances for your works.

Click here for course and registration details.

IP / IPM Course for Public Agencies
6 October 2015; or 29 October 2015

The one-day course aims to provide the following knowledge and skills to participants:
• Understand what is IP and its uses;
• Understand and identify the different types of IP and the associated IP rights;
• Understand and identify IP commonly found in Ministries and Statutory Boards;
• Be familiar with the IPM considerations and issues relevant to Public Agencies;
• Be familiar with Government regulations on IP (i.e. provisions in the IM and FCMs);
• Acquire the skills needed to handle IP/IPM issues encountered during work;
• Understand measures to avoid IP infringement.

This course is only open to Singapore Civil Servants and Public Officers. Click here for course and registration details.

Overlapping IP Rights
15 October 2015
3 Public SILE CPD Points available.

Trademarks, copyrights, patents, registered designs, geographical indications and other IP rights are often approached as a series of distinct rights. In reality, however, these IP rights often overlap in a single product or service. This half-day seminar propounds the rationale for viewing IP from the vantage of overlapping rights, and explores a possible rubric that can be applied in considering any IP overlap. Several important Singapore cases involving overlapping IP rights will be discussed. In view of upcoming changes to Singapore’s laws on geographical indications, the overlap between trade marks and geographical indications will be discussed in a separate session.

Click here for seminar details.

Apply Basic Knowledge of IP Law to Support an Organisation
16, 19, 21, 23 October 2015
Funding is available for this course!

This course seeks to equip participants with a basic understanding of how various aspects of intellectual property law, namely Patent, Registered Designs, Copyright and Trade Mark, can be applied to support and drive businesses in achieving their business strategies and objectives.

Click here for course and registration details.

IPOS Practice Package – Trade Marks Proceedings And Mediation
27 October 2015
6 Public SILE CPD Points available

Come and learn how to navigate contentious trade mark proceedings at the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS). This one-day workshop is practical, hands on and provides insights behind the practices and procedures for trade mark oppositions, invalidations, revocations and appeals. Participants will learn the ins and outs of contentious proceedings at IPOS. Importantly, you will be acquainted with our most recent Practice Circulars as well as handy tips when using the new IP²SG platform. Participants will be introduced to the mediation option for trademarks disputes, provided to parties under a collaboration between IPOS and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). You will obtain a holistic view of the different facets of such contentious proceedings. Assistant Registrars from the High Court, managing the IP list, will address issues relating to appeals from IPOS. In another first, a District Judge from the State Courts Centre for Dispute Resolution will train participants in the art of mediation advocacy. Learn how to make the most of IP mediation through an interactive role play session.

Click here for workshop details.