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IP Battlefront: A Chinese Seminar on IP Deployment Strategies from China’s Leading IP Directors
24 August 2015 (9am to 1pm)

ZTE and Xiaomi, according to a recent statistical report, have risen to being amongst the top mobile phone manufacturers worldwide. Qihoo360 is a prominent leader in the field of anti-viral software. In addition to their impressive records in sales, Xiaomi and Qihoo’s IP deployment strategies also make an indispensable contribution to their success.

Join us at this half-day seminar where the IP directors of ZTE, Xiaomi and Qihoo will share their insights on IP management, IP issues in R&D collaboration and technology transfer, patent-centric business models and defensive strategies against patent assertion entities.

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Review Risk Management in Intellectual Property
7 to 9 September 2015

Effective management of IP risk is crucial and important to maintain an organisation’s competitive edge. Join us in this course to learn how to protect IP assets to improve organisation’s competitive position. You will also learn how to prevent infringement and anticipate IP related risks to avoid financial and reputation damage.

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IP Considerations When Leveraging on Social Media Platforms
17 Sep 2015 (2pm to 5.30pm)
Pending SILE CPD Points

Featuring a panel of distinguished and knowledgeable speakers, participants can expect to learn how the IP challenges on social media platforms can be identified, avoided, and overcome. In particular, these issues will be contextualized to specific commonly used social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and BlogSpot. In addition, participants will also be given an insight on how corporations and businesses can better anticipate and address challenges in preparing and implementing a social media policy.

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ALAP-IPA IP Knowledge Series: Understanding Rights and Contracts for Writers and Illustrators
21 September 2015 (9am to 12.30pm)
*up to 90% course fee subsidy available!

Interested in finding out how to manage the contractual relationship between you and the publisher? Not sure what the terms in a publishing contract mean? This 3-hour course specially designed for writers and illustrators aims to furnish you with all these know-hows. You will also learn whether your works are copyright protected and how you can obtain the necessary copyright clearances for your works.

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