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Patent Agent Training Series on:
Handling Patent Infringement and Invalidity
Drafting Patent Claims
Handling Written Opinions / Office Actions
(June / July 2015)

The Patent Agent Training Series is a training suite launched by the IP Academy to train professionals in patent agent work, as well as help aspiring agents achieve the necessary skills to qualify as Singapore Registered Patent Agents.

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LES Singapore Basic Licensing Course
(3 and 4 June 2015)
12 SILE CPD public points available

This course is a collaborative effort by the IP Academy and the Licensing Executives Society (Singapore) that covers aspects of the licensing of intellectual property. It presents a brief and lucid explanation of the various principles and procedures of licensing negotiations, including a “hands-on” scenario which will enable the participant to put into practice the lessons taught, under the supervision and assessment of instructors.

The course has been developed by licensing and intellectual property lawyers and industry members based on the accumulation of a wealth of experience in the field of licensing, franchising and technology transfer.

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IP Management in Research Collaboration
(9 June 2015)

This workshop is designed for professionals who are involved in R&D management, patent  management, product development as well as product marketing. Part of this workshop will cover general issues related to license agreements and materials transfer agreements such as risk, liability and warranty.

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Apply Basic Knowledge of Intellectual Property Law to Support an Organisation
(23 June – 26 June 2015)
Funding is available for this course.

This programme aims to provide the following knowledge and skills to the participants:
– Business application of IP law
– Considerations related to IP transactions
– Qualifying criteria for seeking IP protection
– Recognition of potential infringement activities
– Defences available against allegations of infringement

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IPA Roundtable Series: “Reflections on Copyright – Featuring Professor Paul Goldstein, Stella W. and Ira S. Lillick Professor of Law, Stanford Law School”
(1 July 2015)
2.5 SILE CPD public points available

The rapidly evolving landscapes of technology and economics regularly disrupt copyright laws around the world. The innovation economy is posing challenges to the law to adjust to new business models and consumer demands. Professor Paul Goldstein, the United States’ leading intellectual property scholar and globally recognised expert on intellectual property law, will share his thoughts on the new type of copyright required in this ever-shifting digital era. Then hear from our own IP thought leaders about the future of copyright law in Singapore.

This programme is part of the IP Academy’s 2015 Thought Leadership series on Copyright Reform.

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IP (Criminal) Enforcement
(2 July 2015)
3 SILE CPD public points available

Copyright and trade mark laws in Singapore provide for both civil and criminal remedies against infringers. Criminal enforcement measures are particularly useful weapons against counterfeiting.

However, there is a dearth of information on criminal IP enforcement, particularly in relation to practical and procedural aspects. We have assembled a distinguished slate of speakers to share with participants their expertise and experience in a broad range of areas. Participants will first be treated to an overview of IP enforcement in Asia, with a focus on ASEAN. Thereafter, the speakers will delve into both the legal and procedural aspects of criminal enforcement in Singapore, including a discussion of investigative techniques encompassing computer forensics.

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