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IP / IPM Course for Public Agencies
6 and 29 October 2015

Government agencies are major procurers and users of IP. Civil servants and public officers are increasing involved in the creation and management of intellectual property. This one-day course will equip civil servants and public officers with fundamental knowledge in IP and IP Management.

This course is only open to Singapore civil servants and public officers. Click here for course and registration details.

Protecting Trade Secrets in Tech-Related Industries
9 October 2015

This programme seeks to give participants an understanding of the types of information that qualifies as trade secrets, and the typical examples of trade secrets in the technological industry. It will also explore the remedies available for trade secret misappropriation, and look at the interplay between the fields of trade secrets and patents.

Click here for course and registration details.

Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law 2015/2016
Auditing Programme

(The Auditing Programme is intended for those who are unable or do not have the time to undergo the whole of the Graduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law course, but who would like to attend classes for a particular module in this course and not take any examinations.)

Module Available: Law of Copyright and Designs
12-31 October 2015

This module will provide participants with a working familiarity with Singapore’s copyright and design laws. It will also touch on the international dimensions of these laws, and design law in Europe and the US. The general topics to be covered include the nature and scope of copyright protection; infringement and defences; ownership and exploitation issues; protection for industrial designs under the Registered Designs Act 2000; and overlap between copyright and registered design right.

Click here for module and registration details. Registration close on 1 October and is on a first come first served basis.

Overlapping IP Rights
15 October 2015
3 Public SILE CPD Points available.

Trade marks, copyrights, patents, registered designs, geographical indications and other IP rights are often approached as a series of distinct rights. In reality, however, these IP rights often overlap in a single product or service. This half-day seminar propounds the rationale for viewing IP from the vantage of overlapping rights, and explores a possible rubric that can be applied in considering any IP overlap.

Click here for seminar and registration details.

Apply Basic Knowledge of IP Law to Support an Organisation
16, 19, 21, and 23 October 2015
Funding is available for this course.

This course seeks to equip participants with a basic understanding of how various aspects of intellectual property law, namely patent, registered designs, copyright and trade mark, can be applied to support businesses in building their competitive edge, and to achieve their business goals.

Click here for course and registration details.

IPOS Practice Package – Trade Marks Proceedings and Mediation
27 October 2015
6 Public SILE CPD Points available.

Learn how to navigate contentious trade mark proceedings at the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS). This one-day workshop is practical, hands on and provides insights behind the practices and procedures for trade mark oppositions, invalidations, revocations and appeals. Participants will also learn the ins and outs of contentious proceedings at IPOS.

Click here for workshop and registration details.

Copyright for the CET Sector
3 November 2015

Continuing Education and Training (CET) professionals are both content creators and content users. With the advent of the Internet and technological advances, content is now easily copied, used, built on and disseminated. How are CET professionals to use copyrighted works without infringing on the rights of creators, and how do they protect their own works? Find out more at this course.

Click here for course and registration details.

WSQ Monitor and Maintain IP Processes
3-4 November 2015
Funding support available for employees of SMEs.

In today’s highly-dynamic global economy, businesses seeking to make the most of their IP to sustain their competitive edge need to monitor and maintain their IP processes in alignment with changing business objectives. Businesses seeking to improve their current IP processes are encouraged to attend this two-day intensive training course.

Click here for course and registration details.

Media Producer’s IP Toolkit
26 November 2015
Up to 90% course fee subsidy available from MDA.

This programme seeks to give participants an understanding of how different IP rights can arise in media content development and production, and how these rights can be protected. Participants will learn about the concepts, processes, and contracts involved in content rights clearance and acquisition, as well as the dynamics of the negotiation and deal-making process between creative professionals and producers.

Click here for course and registration details.